Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At church for an evening talk

Siem Reap night scene.

Do you think it's romantic?

Scenes from a Wong Kar-wai movie, perhaps?

We had to go to church because there was this visiting missionary who had a talk.

One of the church goer was celebrating her birthday. They prepared a cake for her.

The interpreter had a hard time translating English words into Khmer. Even in Filipino I think it's also hard translating:

big bang theory

The speaker was a biochemist and he was explaining the origin of man in relation to the Bible. I had a nice time listening to him.

Trivia: Did you know that in ancient Egyptian medicinal papyrus their doctors precribed putting human or animal poop to open wounds. In that same period, in the book of Leviticus God, through Moses, commanded to Israelites to purify their bodies with a mixture of water, ash and the plant called hyssop. Combined, it forms ethanol which is a component of soap.

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