Wednesday, January 23, 2008

January reads and boring day

I'm still waiting for my US Vogue Jan. 08 issue.

Which is weird because I have the American Vogue Dec. 07. Just got it this month...

and I also have the Australian Vogue Feb. 08, a month ahead. I love Australian Vogue, they feature sensible clothes and they rarely include those fantastical pieces that is prevalent in US Vogue. It's like US Vogue is your old, rich aunt while OZ Vogue is your cool, tomboy cousin

And Arena Homme, Jan. 08, is black sheep Brit-Pinoy cousin you have who's studying at Central Saint Martin's.

French Photo is your French neighbor who likes women, naked and usually, supermodels.

Lifestyle and Travel is your flight attendant best friend.

The Magazine is your Thai socialite client

The Magazine is another one of your Thai socialite client. TSC1 and TSC2 are best friends.

Luxury Properties is your real estate agent who sells you properties a.) you can't afford, b.) is located in some magnificent location but requires owning a helicopter, a speedboat or a yatch, and c.) did i mention everything is expensive?

Boring Day

I had to go to the bank and get my credit card and change my pin number.

Then I had a quick brunch, this dish called 'coulebac', bread roll with mushroom, spinach, rice, herbs and fish inside. It was yummy, i swear!

Then I went to the press to have something printed for the gallery.

This is Heng big, the technician there. There is also a Heng medium and a Heng small working there. Heng must be a popular name in Cambodia.

moi. Um, I'm wearing this black cardigan I got from Phnom Penh and this generic black shirt.

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