Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hong Kong Restaurant

Sold one photograph worth $300.

Fate was craving for siopao.

This is Hong Kong Restaurant...

for those expats who crave for dimsum and other Chinese fare. In fairness, their sweet&sour fried fish is like something you'd get in some sidestreet eatery in Hong Kong. Delish! But I never really ate that much. I wasn't hungry.

Their sign...

Earlier we bid goodbye to Ryan who's leaving Siem Reap.

He's the building manager for the Children Hospital.


Andrea Gray said...

Hello! I believe I met you along with 7 of my fellow students and two professors, Jessica and Susan. Thanks so much for letting us into your studio. We had a fabulous time! I personally cannot wait to return to Siem Reap one day! Say hello to Loven for me! we are planning on sending him a copy of Superbad. haha!

fuchsiaboy said...

sure andrea! see ya here soon :)