Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

I bid goodbye to 2007 feeling icy but welcomed the first sunrise at Angkor Wat feeling optimistic that something majestic is in store for me in the coming days.

Dec.31, 2007
Ice Lounge at Hotel dela Paix

The iced Art Lounge featuring works by Louem Lorn and an installation of ice and flooded floor. Played DJ for the night.


Andrea and Jen

Some canapes. Shrimp cocktail, sushi and spring roll

In Bo Parcon jacket, my black tank and pinstriped Levi's

New Year Dinner

We had smoked salmon and other nibbles coz we wanted something light. We are all watching our diet. Our only concession was Fate's very rich fruit salad. So delicious! We had some bubbly, lit some sparklers which Coochie adored and this popping confetti thingy. Loven arranged the table which was 'cornucopic' to say the least. We used the ceramic pottery that I bought at Prolung Khmer. So nice...




Nanny and Coochie


Jan.1, 2008
New Year Party at Pub Street and Linga Bar

I changed top before heading down Pub Street. So many people dancing and celebrating the new year. You can really feel the exciting energy of the revelry. In no time I was spinning and rocking my body to the heady sound of the DJ

We danced non-stop until 5am! Hehehe

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Loven. Too bad Fate has to miss the sunrise because she still has work new year morning.

I saw a monkey

I scared him away

moi trying to be reflective at Angkor Wat.

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kawadjan said...

happy new year dear!

we went to linga and it was nearly empty that night. at least nung new year masaya pala.

oh, thanks for posting pics of angkor during sunrise. di ko nakita yan kase palaging puyat ang mga bading!