Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is the first restaurant where I had dinner when I came here in Siem Reap last year. Loven treated us that time and he treated us this time again. The prices are kinda expensive so we are lucky he is feeling very generous as always.

Léscale is done beautifully with a fountain and an open air areas.

The interior can only be described as French Khmer, with traditional Khmer touches mixed with French furnishings. It's very cozy, I think.

Fish from the lake done 5 ways. I ordered this and it was good. The amok fish has grounded peanuts which made it crunchy, the fish soup with pineapple has that tangy sweet flavor, the fried fish was crispy, the fish roll fresh and the grilled fish smoky. The portioning is on the smallish size though so it is a bit expensive. I think the set goes for $28, excluding the drink. mahal no?

Crab soup something. Strange how the spring roll is much bigger than the soup.

Khmer Lime Soup with this smoke salmon topping

Honey Glaze Pork

Fish Curry

Strike the pose!



suck in...


Hnads in my pocket.
Wearing ISO shirt, generic pleated, loose pants, patent shoes and helmut lang leather chain.

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kawadjan said...

ang sharap ng food! pero mahalia jackson nga.