Thursday, January 10, 2008

Antik antics

At the back is our house.

Strike the pose! Wearing a Marc Jacobs tee, Diesel jeans and Converse. My shades from the Russian Market.

I was feeling kinda under the weather last Tuesday so I opted not to go to work rather than just be un-inspired. Loven decided to cheer me up and asked me to go with him to visit this antique place where he bought some of the stuff we use at home. So we drove a bit like 15 minutes and then i saw it.

Welcome to antique central!

The place is a haven for old wood stuff. I mean even the shopkeeper looks antique.

I could just imagine my friends going crazy for this like

Tito Butz

It's like a warehouse full of antiques

Ms. Marichel, she would definitely buy!

Tita Jaki...a lot. she will hoarde.

Ms. Ditas...especially the wooden vessels

Hmmm...i want this copper tray.

These are beautifully carved wood that could serve as book ends.

Bo Parcon? Hmmm...he likes pottery so maybe.

Tita Angelette...

Miguel Cordova coz his mom loves antique.

Love this!

And this, too!

Hay, and a lot...


We got these plus another one, a carved mortar.

We went to another shop with more antiques!




In the evening Mike and the gang YM'd me.

We chatted about their plans of coming here and maybe doing a show.

It really made my day. It was almost 11pm when we stopped chatting.

Near midnight I got hungry so I cooked some couscous. You know, something 'light'.


Then I was craving for some scrambled eggs with tomato

All fluffy and creamy.

Then I thoght why not do some spicy shrimp, I mean it's delicious.

And yeah, reheat the seafood noodle soup that Loven and Fate got me from Sokimex.

Winner! Anatomy of a light meal by a pseudo-dieter . It's no wonder I'm getting FAT, seriously!

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