Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fabrics and shooting Loren Legarda

Cambodians have a peculiar way of transporting pigs. It's on its back, like lounging, with its feet up in the air. I call it Lounging Pigs.

Everytime I see one I can't help but crack up laughing. Starting my day and seeing the Lounging Pigs, I know I'm off to a good start. So my day went like a breeze.

Weaving at Prolung Khmer. I ordered my fabrics there for my new collection.

The organic cotton I ordered. Samples only. Handwoven and hand colored with organic dyes. I'm so excited already. It's gonna be special coz it takes a month for them to do it. It's for my Spring/Summer 2008 collection

Weaving area. I wish Miag-ao weaving centers could be like this. Very nice and neat.

They have a mini shop that sell scarves and other small stuff.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been to this place. They have a picture using the kroma woven here. Also, Jil Sander exlusively designed a scarf for a client and was made there at Prolung Khmer. I was given one by Loven. He passed it on to me because it was given to him by Prolung Khmer as a thank you for designing their brochure.

Tomiko computing the amount I ordered. I want to close my eyes!hehehe Ecochic cotton is very expensivo.

The pottery section

Loven bought some pieces for the shop. We will also do our own designs.

Apres lunch, we did make-up with Senator Loren Legarda at the Raffles

I styled her.

Just a test shot to see if the make-up is ok. Her skin is very ok and she has this very angular face that registers well in the camera.

Shooting Loren Legarda at Wat Athuya

Photography and concept by Loven Ramos, styling by moi.

She wore Jaki Penalosa, Romyda Keth and some pieces from me. Tita Jaki will be very happy. My takes are crappy but the final results in Loven's cam are beautiful.

We even had her do a 'Teodora Agoncillo' making the flag. Did you know that Gregoria made the Philippine flag in Hong Kong?

Senator Legarda was so game. I honestly was surprised how easy she is to work with. No special demands or anything aside from being just adamant in using her own sponge and foundation. And it's perfectly normal coz the make-up artist should really use a new sponge. It was an effortless shoot.

I went around Wat Athuya, of course. It was my first time there.

Thank goodness, not a lot of tourist.

It's like a fortress but actually it's a temple.

Buying take-out food at Molopor for dinner.

moi. Phew, i was so tired! After dinner I took a nap. Then we went down to the shop to arrange our new stocks. I totally forgot to bring my phone or camera so no pix for now. We had drinks, we made tsika tsika with friends, went home, tucked myself into bed and was off to dreamland in no time.


Mikki said...

i love it! from lounging pigs to fabrics to pottery to loren legarda to Molopor. Everything is sosyal. Haha!

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