Friday, January 11, 2008

Lost in Translation

Let's start this post with the usual.

Strike the pose! hehehe

I'm wearing a Venezia jacket, Muji tank, my own designed pants...

and tattered designed Converse.

I had an LV sighting today.

LV Keepall

and also Bottega Veneta.

We decided you try Deja vu for dinner

Nice place.

Nice interior.

I was impressed with the food! Ang sarap. Kanamit!

Borbor moan. hehehe moan talaga, right? It's like chicken rice soup.

fresh orange juice. i drink this all day.

mixed seafood stir fry. Tender and juicy.

deep fried fish from the lake. Super crispy and the suka sauce is the right blend.

fish with vermicelli. Winner! There goes my pseudo-diet.

Night scenes in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Most of the time, the only picture that you imagine if you mention Cambodia is its war-torn image.

Well, it ain't so anymore.

To burn the heavy dinner we passed by the night market.

We were walking around and just browsing through the merchandise. And then I noticed that a girl and a guy was eyeing me. I couldn't understand what they were saying but I saw at the corner of my eye the guy pointing at me and the girl nodding in agreement. they find my outfit funny? I told Fate, "Psst...those people are looking at me, promise!" to which she agreed coz she noticed it, too. I walked faster and turned a corner away from them.

I thought I lost them but then I didn't know the girl cut across the middle of one the store and caught us on the other side. I was surprised and amused when she asked sweetly, "Excuse me but I'd like to ask where did you get your jacket?". In the Philippines I get that a lot but it's the first time here. Fate and I just laughed it off. I was definitely amused!

So anyway, we really love this booth.

They sell such lovely water hyacinth woven stuff like baskets, containers and mats.

It's by an NGO group that employs women. So nice and for a good cause so I got a basket and a mat.

Then we went to the One Shop. Some of our friends were there.

Kim and the Brewster

Karen and Fate

Marie and Kim

Brewster is a funny guy. He says the weirdest of things innocently. Yeah, that's him with the dorky face. Anyway, that night he was introduced to Marie, a Japanese who works at Tara Angkor hotel. Brewster, after learning that Marie is Japanese greeted her 'Arigato osaymas' which means 'Thank you'.

Of course, Marie wondered why he was thanking her but only smiled and kept quiet. Loven pointed out to Brewster that his greeting was wrong and told him what it means.

Embarrased, he tried to save face and greeted Marie again.

He bowed and said 'Namaste!'

Yup, he got the 'hello' right but only in the wrong language. It's Indian.

A lot of people came to the shop. One even bought 2 buffalo horns.

Loven talking to the Russian (girl) and the Australian (boy) shopper.

Loven and moi

That's the dilemma with having a town like a United Colors of Benetton ad, communication gets confusing in funny ways. hehehe!

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