Monday, January 14, 2008

at Tsukinuniji

Last Friday was okey. Did a lot of stuff for the gallery and finishing a lot of things. Then I met up with this guy representing a new gallery here in Siem Reap

Frederick of Gallerie Ganesha

We talked about the artist they represent. We might do an exhibit soon.

After our meeting I got hungry so I ordered this:

a delicious cheese platter

and vegetable salad. I'm slowly minimizing my carbo intake.

At Tsukinuniji. Faith wanted to eat Japanese food.


loven and faith

kimchi and pickled papaya

our waiters

edamame. ang sarap. nakakaaliw kainin.

prawn curry. fate loves to eat this.

radish with mushroom. as in yuck!


mackerel set. i wasn't really hungry but i ordered this! kaloka! Loven helped me eat it. and I only took a spoonful of rice. Yehey! no carbs, no carbs!

pineapple dessert

Obligatory kodakan with self

scarf from Laos

strike the pose!

generic black tee and my own designed scarf

patent shoes (i know, i've got only like 4 pairs of shoes! i wanna go to bangkok already!) and my own designed pants.

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