Monday, January 07, 2008

Arty Saturday

Spent the whole morning in my bed. In the afternoon I promised a guest to accompany her around town to check the many art galleries. We covered the nice ones, Gallery Wa, One Shop, McDermott, FCC, Red Gallery, Alliance Cafe, Art House and French Cultural Center. I think she was exhausted but satisfied with our little art walk.

At Gallerie Wa in Carnet des Asie

They just opened 2 weeks ago. Lots of nice, pop, colorful stuff.

This one you can have in your bathroom. Nice, no?

It's the year of the Golden Pig according to the Chinese calendar

Lots of cute stuff

Eric Raisina silk bags


At One Shop

Loven explaining his work to our guest.


Look how nice it looks! But the food here really sucks. Only good for drinks and tsika tsika, people watching.

sculptures made of decommissioned guns

carabao/buffalo head

Red Gallery

Alliance Cafe

I love this large palm paintings

I could imagine hanging it somewhere near a garden. Almost like Warhol.

At the French Cultural Center

The exhibit there are photographs of hospital scenes.

A wee bit dark for my taste.

Then we went back to the hotel. I had an LV sighting


I want one, too!

After my quick snack at the cafe I walked down Pub street

It's been awhile since I've really been alone with no plans. I'm always schedule bound. It was nice walking around town all by myself. Na-miss ko ang ukay promise!

Thought of browsing some new stuff at Boom Boom Boom.

Mostly stuff from Thailand

They do have some nice hand printed graphic skirts and stuff.

More stuff. I liked one silvery gray top but alas the bottom part of the shirt was kinda tight.

At the One Shop

Definitely high season when people are still shopping at almost 11pm!

Freedom's noisy gift

Freedom got a cheesy toy from a friend of his parents. It makes this really ugly noise. Horrible!

Here he is hastily opening the gift. I guess, the boy got irritated of the sound so he abused it like any normal 2 year old would do. It broke. Now we can live in peace!

Outfit roll call: 5cm shirt, Prolung Khmer organic cotton scarf, Diesel jeans, Human socks and patent shoes.

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