Saturday, January 05, 2008

Meric dinner plus plus

Last Friday we had dinner at Meric. It was courtesy of our GM because Loven took some pics of our ice event.




The food was divine at Meric. This one is my fave, squid ink pasta with spigol sauce.

Loven had some tuna carppacio with kiwi sauce

Fate decided to try the Shrimp chuva

Scallops eclavu

Norwegian salmon

Flourless chocolate cake with bitter chocolate ice cream

Fruit salad chenes with pina colada sorbet topping. We were all stuffed full.

Fate has to buy diapers so we went to Angkor Market.

If you want to meet somebody 'local' (expats and real locals) you are likely to bump into them here at Angkor Market.

A decent grocery store. But I heard Lucky Market will open soon so there will be competition.

I love the packaging of this talcum powder

Filipino ingenuity it says on the label. Fancy some lube? Amazing Virgin Coconut Oil.

We dropped Fate home. She decided she was too tired. Loven had to go to the Raffles to get payments from his client so he asked me to tag along.

Hmmm...looks like a hospital to me. Sorry I like my hotel better.

Ang sozyal ng cars, nakaparking sa harap talaga.

Now their pool is really nice.

Some of their famous guests including Jackie Kennedy Onassis

The sign of the Elephant Bar.

Restaurant Le Grand sign

The restaurant. Hmmm...haven't tried it though. It looks expensive.

Their uniformed henchmen

A cute old world elevator

The Grand sitting area. The pianist there is Pinoy. Really good! Tried cocktails and high tea here before.

Going down Pub street we passed by Blue Angkor Bookstore which I've been wanting to check out.

Yes! Books! Lots of good books. Mga secondhand so very cheap. Usually 3 dollars.

Hunter S. Thompson. Durugista sya di ba?

Haruki Murakami. Ang cute ng cover.

I plan to buy this one because I really liked the movie. I got 'Catcher in the Rye' by JD Salinger because I haven't read it and a DVD of 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. Loven bought 'Citizen Kane' and a complete set of 'Charlie Chaplin' movies.

We passed by the shop to check on things.

The One Hotel's reception desk has Luxe guides for sale. I don't know why I took a picture of it. Am I wishing to travel?

Sunhoir, the assistant supervisor of One Hotel

And before this entry ends let me bore you with some narcissistic tendencies.

Strike the pose! What did I wear today?

In Bo Parcon top and my own designed shirt

Pinstripe pants

Air Rift Nikes and polka dot socks from H&M

I had a nice Friday and I hope you did, too. Mwah!

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paulo benito said...

tit don,
good choice of book...
the carcher in the rye is one of my favorite classics of all times, you won't regret reading it...
mejo reading fanatic ko daan, hehe...
i'm now on a clockwork orange by anthony burgess...
oh my pc's guba so la ko pa na scan ang pix sang metro bodies...
i'll probably just send you the ish...
i hope to hear from you soon...