Sunday, August 10, 2008


All my friends know I'm such a book and magazine freak especially about subjects in fashion, art and lifestyle. Loven, the spoolartist, recently gave me a fantastic box set of postcards, a version of the FRUITS picture book compilation. FRUITS is a Japanese street fashion magazine.

The first picture clearly shows what 'street fashion' is in Tokyo.

This is my fave among the pieces. This guy is wearing Christopher Nemeth. I learned about the designer from Ms. Chuvaness. I definitely could wear this to work.

This girl looks so cute. I really love Japanese when they wear sedate colored clothes.

This one clearly reminds me of pips in Kawadjan's entry. I think my boss would freak out if he sees me like that. I kinda fancy the shoes, though.

Hippie luxe. Outfit by Jean Paul Gaultier. Shusyal na retaso look. It looks like Xuly Bet, also.


Kiks said...

i luuuurv japanese street fashion. di sila nakakaumay tignan. parang di mo na kailangan ng rampway sa kyoto o osaka kasi they all look fashionable.

fuchsiaboy said...

i really love japanese fashion, period.

EX BUDDHA said...

do they have it in ebay? I want one too!

fuchsiaboy said...

maybe, or at some high end bookstore dyan sa atin.

amazon kaya meron?

Gibo said...

i love that retaso look, it's so south asian with a twist.