Friday, August 15, 2008

My clothes at the One Shop

Located at the Passage area of Siem Reap, my friend Loven invited me to sell some of my clothes at the One Shop, a cozy space with his artworks and stuff of curiosities from all over.

We usually change the set-up when we get bored with the look of it.

Our concept for the store is like a magazine, you know, edited.

My label.

My booties from spring/summer 2008.

Camera necklace from the same collection.

Some pieces from my initial collection for the One Shop.

I used mostly black and gray. Lots of jersey and a few Cambodian fabrics like the Takeo weave I used for spring/summer.

I wasn't really directly inspired by Cambodia for this collection. I didn't even use silk. All I wanted was some urban, sober pieces as a reaction from all the 'tourist' clothes I've been seeing around town. So there's still a Cambodian connection, after all. Hehehe!


Gibo said...

fab collection! black and gray are my faves.

i say, invest in a nice cam, open a website and sell your stuff online! para naman di na kami pupunta sa SR.

the booties are nice....and sharp! i hope i don't need a license to wear that :-)

kawadjan said...

those boots! who do i need to blow to have them?

Kiks said...

online shopping for don protasio. dali!

jusko, magpapalit na ako ng brand from muji to donpro.

fuchsiaboy said...

salamat sa tatlong masugid kong mambabasa. hahahaha!

gibo - thank you! im glad you like my collection. alam mo namang ikaw ang steven meisel ng penang and soon to be buenos aires! um, regarding the cam, actually i was about to buy in HK but then it was designer sale at Lane Crawford so...uunahin ko muna ang outfit bago cam hahahaha!

kawadjan - pag ikaw i only accept cash. i don't need your talent.

kiks - akin na lang muji mo. sosyal, muji ang pambahay. hehehe now don protasio na.