Thursday, August 14, 2008

Let the ukay begin!

My friends and I often have this bragging game on who's got to find the coolest, most hard to find ukay piece everytime we do the rounds of our hunting ground (ukayan).

Some pieces come to mind:

1. My friend Bo found a Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere tee from his Spring/Summer 2006 collection. I screamed when he showed it to me. Promise, I can get obsessed like that.

2. My Martin Margiela AIDS tee 10th year anniversary piece. The print is white on white. Very hard to find even on eBay. I know, I've tried. The crowning piece for my Margiela tee collection.

3. Hussein Chalayan double shirt that my friend Jaki found. She asked me ' Does this look ok?' and I replied ' For girls?' . And then she showed me the label and I was flabbergasted! She really enjoyed that moment.

4. Alexander McQueen jeans with wrap around belt. It's McQUEEN!

5. Burberry Trenchcoat of lightweight fabric. Brand new with tags and extra buttons.

6. Comme des Garcons Homme Plus tee for $0.5! Unbelievable, right?

7. Martin Margiela assymetrical gray sweater. My friends checked out the ukay place the day before without me but I came there the next day and found the amazing piece. Swerte ko no? Hehehe.

8. Comme des Garcons Shirt button down that Tito Butz found in Cebu. After pestering him a thousand times he gave it to me. Ha! The fabric is so different, basta. It's hard to explain.

9. A Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto winter coat that I bought for P100 but got resold at P8000.

10. An interesting sleeve piqued my curiosity which turned out to be an amazing Yohji Yamamoto blazer.

I was just thinking of ten but I have to include this one:

11. A Helmut Lang shirt with elbow slits. My constant inspiration in my designing.


Gibo said...

hmmp kainggit, ang daming find sa ukay.

wala kasing ukay i live :-) now i really need to go back to manila soon.

fuchsiaboy said...

are you sure walang nakatagong ukayan dyan sa penang? hmmm...baka di ka lang marunong maghanap.

paolo said...

I go to this place at Metrowalk. Mga merchandisers. P2000 for a Paul Smith, I thought cheap (unused kasi eh) pero sayo pala yung cheap. Oh my. Hahaha. I'd buy a used Margiela tee over a P2000 Dior shirt.

Anonymous said...

where are these ukay shops (which carry brands like y3, margiela and CDG) located sa manila? share naman please hehehehe :)


jet said...

Don, where do you guys get these ukay finds. Wala na ko kaukay eversince the last time you brought me to your suki.Hay...

the spool artist said...

i must say Cambodia is beginng to be a great place for ukay as well!

kawadjan said...

kaingget! ang bobongga ng brands. bravo for your fortitude sa mga mababaho at maalikabok na ukay place. it really pays to be patient.

fuchsiaboy said...

Paolo - OMG! don't buy ukay Paul Smith for P2000! It's so friggin expensive! Anu email mo, mag-usap tayo.

Fern - Ukay in manila is just everywhere. Treasures are hidden in the most unlikely places.

Jet - You know my suki so you better check it out. And while you are there go find me stuff, too. Any of the brands I've mentioned I would treasure from you, hehehe!

Loven - Yes, and you are one lucky bastard for finding that PLAY by Comme des Garcons.

Kawadjan - Remember the fashionista's motto, 'Fashion before comfort'.

jet said...

Okay, i'll find time and try to check good finds. You me naman, I'm not so particular with brands. hehehe.