Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Belated Surprise Birthday Party

Haven't gotten to posting this but here's some pix of my surprise belated birthday party thrown by my friends for me after I came back from Pinas. I actually celebrated my birthday back home with my family so the guys cooked up something for me like a week after my return. It was Loven who fetched me at work and I even suggested we go out for dinner but he said Fate whipped something special back home. I was really, truly, honestly surprised when all of them sang happy birthday when I entered.

Jessie girl, Sarah and Fate.

Sister act, Wena and Cielo.

Clave, Blady and Brews.

Rhea and Irish.

Coochiepopoy Freedom and Granny.

Loven and moi.


Kiks said...

Birthday kung birthday!

Belated happy birthday, FUSCHIA!

The food looked namit-namet at ang mga friends sa Ilo-ilo, so vinningest.

And the Fashion Diary Part 3?


(especially the polka-dots, kinablog ang mujis at kbonds of this world!)

fuchsiaboy said...

kiks, loven is my friend who's meeting you in hk!

thank you sa pagdalaw.