Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rei Kawakubo is an alien!

And my theory is confirmed recently by W magazine.

"Rei most certainly from Venus."

I always thought she's a Vulcan. Compare her with the picture below.

I think world invasion is on her mind. She's just everywhere!

I'm sure you've heard of her collab with Speedo to come up with the swim outfits of Team USA.

And who better to model it than another alien, Michael Phelps.

Here's Team USA after breaking another record wearing the fabulous alien outfits by Rei. I suggest Olympic officials should stop wasting their time wondering why world record after world record in swimming has been broken. Hello!? Alien technology!

Even Karl Lagerfeld couldn't resist her powers. Cloning much?

Rei Kawakubo has even infiltrated the minds of seemingly normal human beings like Marc Jacobs.

Before the mind invasion:

After some alien body modification procedure:

With any experiments there's always some side effects:

White hair and skin.

Blue hair.

Here, Marc is seen with another alien, Takashi Murakami, in human form.

Takashi Murakami in true alien form:

Marc still couldn't perfect his alien cloaking transformation powers, hence the blue hair.

Just after Marc became a super alien, he designed shoes like this:

And clothes like this:

Compare with Rei's design for Comme des Garcons:

Same alien concept, right?

Marcs full alien transformation became apparent when Louis Vuitton, poles apart from Comme des Garcons like the east is to the west, announced their collaboration with her alien highness. Picture this:

I suspect Lady Octopus is wearing Comme des Garcons.

Don't you think this Louis Vuitton + Comme des Garcons would be perfect for her?

Her power is so immense that she's even in animated features.

I <3 Rei Kawakubo! She's the alien mother of us all.


Kiks said...

zee best way to top my saturday - rei alien mother.

mwahaha. what if she was one of us?

fuchsiaboy said...


Anonymous said...

marc copied those pumps from Comme des Garçons, except Comme's heel was on the toes of the pump. This was during the '80s pa. I'm so azar.

Anonymous said...

marc copied those pumps from Comme des Garçons, except Comme's heel was on the toes of the pump. This was during the '80s pa. I'm so azar.

Lyka Bergen said...

the first time i saw Team USA's swimming outfit, nalokah ako. Si Rei pala toh! tse nya!

fuchsiaboy said...

ms chuva - well rei is such an inspiration to many designers out there, even marc jacobs. he acknowledges it naman di ba? i guess that's what makes her so influential because designers like marc are truly inspired and, yes, 'copy' what she did before.

don't be azar if i copy you also ha! hehehehe

lyka - yes mare, japanese technology ang ginamit sa print and design although it was Speedo who crafted it using LZR fabric.

Nakita mo na design ni rei for H&M? it's posted kay ms. chuvaness.

Anonymous said...

With all your talks about 'aliens', and looking at your pics, you actually remind me of the B-rated movie called 'The Critters' which has about 3 or 4 sequels to it apparently.

They are actually furry 'gremlin-like' balls with very vicious looking eyes and HUGE mouth that when they open them, all you see is their huge FANGS and they gobble anything and everything!!

You look exactly like them!!! And here you are laughing and mocking other people!
First, look at yourself!

Oh and you can check out these creatures-how 'amazingly similar' looking they are to you by googling for 'The Critters'

kawadjan said...

anonymous... you obviously have no idea what this post is all about, no?

don, may inagawan ka na naman ng boyfriend no? kisses for you dear.

fuchsiaboy said...

kawadjan - i love it when people hate me. marami nang nagmamahal sa akin so haters make me happy. at ang bobo ng comment. wish ko sana mas creative. and it shows the age of the hater no? critters? like get a life! i was a baby when it showed, i guess. at alam nya pa talaga na may sequel. and i'm watching you anonymous. be very afraid.