Sunday, August 24, 2008

Reading materials

Some of my bedside companions of late:

Dazed & Confused with guest editor, Vivienne Westwood.

Si Lola Viv in one of her manifesto readings.

Tita Carine's magazine, which I buy because of the pictures. Fantastic lay-out!

Kate in YSL.

I got Rofel to buy this book in Cebu coz it's on sale, Radical Fashion.

Included is my fave designer Helmut Lang. Also, Alaia, McQueen, Margiela, Kawakubo, Watanabe, Westwood, Chalayan and Gaultier.

A Magazine as edited by Kris Van Assche.

Kris Van Assche in a fitting with his muse

Fantastic Man featuring the intrepid Mr. Tom Ford.

GQ, I normally don't buy.

But tthere's a feature about Marc Jacobs and I simply have to check it out.

Muji book. I never regretted buying this because it has given me so much ideas and inspirations.

I love their simplistic advertisement from before.

The philosophy of Muji is captured in their serene ads. Timeless product shots of their best selling wares.

An ad from 1996 still looks so modern to me.

I've been meaning to buy this Yohji Yamamoto book ever since it got published. I finally chanced a copy at some bookstore in Manila and I grabbed the last copy.

It fascinates me to no end how a designer 'works'. Here's Yohji contemplating the fit of a suit.


kawadjan said...

A Magazine is stunning. I saw that in B2S a few weeks back. winner itong si Kris Van Assche ha (although di ko bet ang Dior Homme collection nya).

honey, i'm buying you some mags tomorrow na. i swear.

fuchsiaboy said...

I love A Magazine. If you find some old issues of it pakibili na rin hehehe

Uy, the Titipon scarf Im still thinking about it. Pakicheck naman if it's wonderful and what's it made of. thanks!

Kiks said...
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Kiks said...

this post struck me like lightning hits water creating ripples that never run out.

i am making my chances, don.

you brought out the rei in me.

i abhor you.

Kiks said...
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fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha you abhor me?!

i can't wait when you'd curse the day i was born! hehehe

go kawakubo army!