Monday, August 25, 2008

Zucca's 20th

My how time flies. I could still remember the first time I've encountered Zucca when Elsa Klench of CNN Style featured one of their fashion show. I couldn't even remember what year was that (but I was still very, very young then, so that makes me slightly youngish now, bwahahaha!) but I was clearly fascinated by their weird cuts, the use of military green color and knits that looked like it was made inside a mental institution. I was intrigued.

Eh, ang hirap pa naman malaman kung anu ang details at info about Japanese designers because most of their sites are in Japanese and there's no English translation. I'd get to read about them in i-D and Cream (not to be confused with the Ilonggo Cream ha for my Ilonggo friends).

My first Zucca piece was this inverted shirt cardigan hybrid that's still one of my favorite piece to wear because it travels so well and it has this interesting gray color which I can match with anything. I've gotten shirts and other stuff, too.

I was lucky I saw this at the airport in HK on my way to Siem Reap. It comes with a commemorative Zucca nylon plastic shopper which I use for carrying my ukay loots.

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