Tuesday, May 18, 2010

FGL Dinner

A few moons ago the Family Group leaders of my church had a lovely dinner at the house of our pastor. It was nice planning the activities of our church and to also update one another about our concerns. I really had fun and enjoyed the food we ate.

I miss Ampalaya Guisado and our pastor Blady cooked it quite similar the way my lola used to make it. When I was a kid I hated ampalaya but when I started getting serious about my vegetarian diet my taste changed and it actually became a staple in my meals. My first day when I decided to turn vegan (I started as vegan and eventually into pesco vegetarian) it was my meal.

I asked our cook to make this calamares fritos for us.

Squid with fresh peppercorn. Super yummy Khmer dish.

Fried rice.

I'm getting hungry as I type this. LOL!

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