Sunday, May 23, 2010

Plaid Pants

I love certain plaids and only if it doesn't remind me of school uniforms. I'm cool with punk looking ones especially if it's from Vivienne Westwood. My dream piece is a bondage pants from Lady Viv.

I guess I was going for that vibe when I paired this thrifted plaid pants with a Heather Miss Grey CVS x Bleach Catastrophe 'ribbon sash' tee. I wish I used a VW bag to complete the look. When I was in Bangkok I found several VW plaid bags from the thrift markets but it seemed so expensive to me that time. I guess, I just didn't find a good enough design that would make me go and buy it.

The plaid pants which I paired with Converse and a bi-color Happy Socks.


toxic disco boy said...

ganda ng pants. lovet that straight parin yung lines even when worn.

Kiks said...

i want the happy socks!