Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thrifting with Friends

I was in Phnom Penh last weekend to meet up with Singaporean friends Caroline and Ivan who I promised to show 'my' PP. Of course, first on the agenda is Japan Thrift Shop.

There were less stuff to rummage than previously and the bulk of new shipment they haven't opened yet. They did manage to price tag some bags which made all of us excited. Caroline got the most, finding 2 Ferragamo shoes, a Valentino bag, some Giorgio Armani number, etc. I found a Chloe top which I gave to her. She was very happy with her finds.

Franco found an Agnes B. and an Atelier-ish black leather bags. Ivan was contented with his salmon pink jacket and a shirt.

I bought a few this time but part of my loot was this Y's Yohji Yamamoto coat with leather collar. I also got a Kansai Yamamoto jacket and some vests which I will share on a separate post. I also got a Burberry bag for my friend Faith but that was about it. Maybe on my next trip there will be more loots to get but nevertheless I'm ecstatic with what I found.

Here's us with our loots.


toxic disco boy said...

love you pants!!!

burrito said...

cute ni ivan!