Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last Day in PP

My stay in Phnom Penh has always been pleasurable and easy because of my host and BFF du jour, Franco. I always stay at his place, he cooks delicious food and makes sure we visit the latest happening places in the city. I feel so at home and at ease when I'm with him. *Someone in Bangkok better take note*

After church service last Sunday, we decided to have a little brunch at The Shop, one of the most popular hang-out place in PP.

I had this vegetarian burger.

Franco had this quiche.

Then we shared this mushroom and nut patte, my fave.

After lunch, we headed to Noh's new apartment to check out the progress of his crib. They prepared lunch for a sort of unofficial housewarming for close friends. It's really not finished yet.

This will become his recreation room. He said to me he wants it unfinished which I agreed.

The view out from the master bedroom.

This is Noh's walk-in closet. This will be filled to the brim when he finally moves in, hahaha!

Oh, it's just a Loub.

Karen cooked this delicious pasta.

The gang decided to just hang-out and relax. It was such a lazy day. But I had to leave early and go somewhere.

Here's what I wore that day:

Top: Uniqlo tee given by Franco under a double vest from Japan TS

Bottom: DP cotton pants

Shoes: black tabi

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kawadjan said...

Ay ay ay... baket parang pinapakain ka ni Franco sa mga karinderyang cheap? (And I heard vegetarian na sya?!)

Tell Noh gusto ko yung bagong space kung saan nya ako ibabahay.