Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Next Day

Phnom Penh - I started the second day with a walk to the fabric store in Toul Tom Pong with Franco. In a whirlwind I finished buying the fabrics I needed.

Famished, we decided to try Vego, a salad and sandwich bar. The garlic bagel with smoked salmon was divine.

I'm surely going back there again.

There was a DVD store beside Vego and I was so happy to find the complete volume of Uncanny X-men tv animation series. I've been looking for it some time now. I also got the 2 seasons of Spartacus: Blood and Sand series. Haven't watched all of it yet.

Apres, it's thrift shoe hunting at Oroseuy Market where we met up with Caroline. I saw this Gucci loafers but it was a bit big for me so I let it go.

Then this Gareth Pugh-ish boots was so small instead.

I wanted to buy this Clark's except it didn't feel right when I put it on. In the end I didn't find anything I liked and that fits.

To continue with our 'healthy' choice of eating, we decided to try Naturae.

It's a bit expensive but that's to be expected, non?

My potato salad with smoked salmon was ok. I liked Caroline's fried rice better.

Just across was Keok Jay and I checked my stocks there. The store carry my re-worked pieces made of vintage materials.

From there we walked to Boston Bookstore's house-size store.

I got this wondeful book for $2.00.


toxic disco boy said...

pumayat ka. grrrr... im inggit. haha.

love the boots.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm..korean feast! at napakain ka nila! ha! :-) but as for me,i love korean food!!! hehe