Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pale Colors

Freshness is something quite valued in Japanese food. That freshness is also translated into purity. The less process the food takes to be served the more pure and fresh it is. I can't help but feel joy looking at the slices of swordfish sashimi I had at Takezuno. The pale pink againts the muted green of the wasabi and leaf, and the white strokes of onion strips remind me of a cool, lazy day at the beach. Am I too much waxing lyrical over my food? Lol!

This greens with pink salmon was so sublime. Something so simple yet so telling of what Japanese food is all about. I wish to go to Tokyo soon and experience what it is there. For now I'll content myself of their culinary treats.

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Lyka Bergen said...

Ikura, Saba, and Hamachi Toro are my faves! Tsarap!