Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ah, the lure of denim. It's quite easy to wear and no brainer, actually. It does get a bit hot here in Cambodia but since I work in an airconditioned gallery and it gets a bit chilly in the afternoon, I can get away with it. Otherwise, wearing denim outside can be suffocating.

This vest I'm wearing is a thrift find. It's a jacket before but I cut the sleeves to make it more current and me. It was giving off a very Rodeo vibe before. LOL!

It actually looks trashy and a little bit trailer park-chic. Reminds me of old Guess ads starring Anna Nicole Smith. The zip detail, the embroidery and the grommets makes it maximal, non? You know how it's bad that it's good? It's quirky looking and I love it.

The embroidery deets. It's nice, non?


inkarlcerating said...

i sliced the sleeves of my denim jacket too! heeeh. wow. yours is a cropped jacket ah!

Ann said...

i luv that you paired it with plain tees--otherwise there'd be detail overload,=).
Urgh it's so hot here in Pinas too!
Tiis lng if I wear denim haha..