Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nataya Resort

It took about 20 minutes drive from Kampot City to arrive in Nataya Resort. I didn't have reservations here because it was all totally unplanned. An ad in the guidebook made it looked promising. If it's beyond budget it will be easy to go back to Kampot or Kep and book in some cheap guesthouse.

It's quite affordable for what they offered. You can check their website here.

They gave us a hut facing the pool which made me happy.

I appreciate the simplicity of the room.

The pool really sealed the deal for me.

I actually spent so much time swimming for this trip.

I really enjoyed the view and the amazing sunset. It was just so luxurious being out there.

I was toasted by the end of this trip.

Btw, that fuchsia tee I'm wearing was a gift of Kawadjan because he knows I hoard cotton tees from Ouki and other Bangkok brands. He also got me a red one, too.

A lovely lotus flower. There's lots of lotus blooming all over the resort.

You can ride horses and ponies, too. They have a few in the resort.

This water wheel is a nice feature in one part of the resort.

If ever you pass by Kampot when you're here in Cambodia, I think Nataya is the place to stay ;)


switful said...

I will definitely bring Pierre here. This is the one who has the Pinoy manager noh??

Ganda ng pool. Gusto yan ni Pierre, yung mga ganyan. hahahah

Anonymous said...

wow! so beautiful! iheart this..wish our family can visit there one day :-)

kawadjan said...

Bagay ang shirt ha. I know Khao San shirts lang ang bumabagay sa yo! Charoooot!

(Sinusunog daw ang Central World as we speak! Say goodbye to Muji!!!)

Andrea Gray said...

This place looks amazing! I am definitely going to try and stay there in December!