Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Lovely Evening

In the evening of my second day in Phnom Penh, I was invited to a 'homecooked' dinner party. The food was Korean fare cooked by Joyce, the friend of Franco. It was so delish!

I carbo-indulged!

The bimbimbap was so yummy and I actually loaded mine with more vegetables and mushrooms.

Franco cooked his vegetarian pasta and the kids loved it. We celebrated Pierre's birthday, Franco's partner.

We actually ate sitting on the floor, Korean style. Franco had a funny account here.

Then we had drinks at Phnom Penh Hotel where Loven did some photography work. It was interesting for our Singaporeans friends to see the night-out place in PP.

We ended the evening in Cambodiana Hotel's club where a good Filipino band was playing. They covered most of the latest pop hits and not the usual oldies tunes.

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toxic disco boy said...

my fave food! i love bibimbap kaso super effort to make and prepare. kaloka lang ang ingredients. haha. ^^