Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fire Training

'The importance of portable fire extinguishers?'

Answer: 'Your first line of DEFIANCE!'

I had to try. I wanted to put out this fire.

You dunk a sheet of heavy burlap in water...

Then you slowly lay it on top of the fire. In principle, it would work on small fires.

Here's Noelene firing the powder fire extinguisher. I was scared to try it because my Junya Watanabe shoes might get soiled with the white powder. hehehe!

Our group photo.


gibo said...

defiance talaga! ikaw ang pinaka-fashionista sa lahat ng participants.

fuchsiaboy said...

hehehe thanks gibo for stopping by.

i mean mag-training ka na rin lang ng fire fighting, one should look hot di ba?