Saturday, April 12, 2008

For Kawadjan

When I saw this t-shirt I instantly thought of Kawadjan.

He blogs at

He was the one who contacted me first. Parang alien contact no? He left a message in one of my entry and I commented back in his blog. What actually convinced me to make tsika is because he is also an ukay addict before. Yes, before. I don't know what happened but I guess moving to Thailand changed him. No shopping, no ukay, no nothing. Maybe falling in love makes you do that. Falling in love daw o! hahaha Yes, he seems to love travelling now since all you can read in his blog are his travels around Thailand. I heard he is going to Vietnam also. Aba, sosyal! But he promised me an ukay entry though. I'm waiting. And also, a feature about the local fashion designers. I consider Kawadhan a friend even if we haven't seen each other. We just chat. I need that here in Cambodia. Thanks to YM. I need a friend who can understand my krung krung moments. Who can dish out crazy but ultimately sensible thoughts and arguments. We can start discussing about my diet and struggle with my swimming regimen, then segue to hot topics about the blogsphere and the world, to his personal stuff and feelings while injecting Pinoy trivia. If you don't get it, it's not you, it's us. hehehe! We sometimes wonder how we ended up talking about such an such.

Anyway, Kawadjan is not dying. Far from it and I know he is parading his magic kamison since it's Songkran or Thai New Year in Thailand (pareho tayo, Khmer New Year din dito!). So I will stop now before this entry will sound like a eulogy or something.

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kawadjan said...

thanks girl! di ko sya kinaya. i swear.

you always brighten my day sa walang katuturang YM sessions natin. salamat po!