Monday, April 07, 2008

Reasons why I bought French Elle even if I don't know French

1. The cover of French Elle. Reminds me of the way Fabien Baron art directs Bazaar before. Actually, his first cover team-up with editor Liz Tilberis was of Linda Evangelista holding a falling 'A'.

2. Tilda Swinton feature.

She's a crush. Like Stella Tenant, she has this very masculine/feminine aura that I like.

And her fashion choices are so instinctive. I read she befriends the designer first for her to wear their clothes. I wanna be like that also. hehehe!

2. Hedi Slimane feature

Pout kung pout. Hedi has his own look, style and lay-out.

Swear, every Slimane feature feels like a Hedi Slimane directed piece.

Well, maybe because he does direct it and if it doesn't get Hedi Slimane-ized then it doesn't come out.

I need my friend to translate it for me. Basta, the title daw is translated into something like 'What Hedi says' or something like that.

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