Friday, April 11, 2008

M Cafe

Hmmm...May sosyal din palang bar sa Phnom Penh. And I thought it was only pub types and cheesy 'disco places in some cheap hotel'.

This one just opened. Friends said it was M cafe daw. 'Huh!? There's M Cafe here?!' I asked in disbelief. I explained that M Cafe is a nice place to hang out in Manila. Some of the Pinoys in the group never heard of it. I thought it strange. Akala ko popular ang M Cafe.

It turned out the place is called Mr. M Cafe. Johnny Manahan ikaw ba ang may-ari nito? The place is packed. We didn't get a table so we opted to stand near the bar and enjoy people looking at us. I swear we feel like attention-whores. Bwahahaha! Naka-Issey Miyake pa naman ako so I look like a crumpled paper. It was fun na sana when this asshole feeling Khmer guy came in with his bodyguards and started acting as if he owns the place. Valerie was confronted by the bodyguard for ordering in the bar area near the stupid guy. His bodyguard said the bar was reserved! Hahahaha! Winner! The bar can be reserved pala?! Ngek. Paano kaya kami o-order ng drinks? Stupid and feeling. He is the same guy who drives a Jaguar with 2 guards on motorbikes trailing behind. He employs those gurads not to guard him but the Jaguar! Hahaha! Ang baduy kaya. Anyway, we all felt it was time to exit na since to be honest and babaduy talaga ng mga local na feeling sosyal. Sorry, if we are 3rd world, sila caveman levels pa. Kung gusto nyong pumunta ng bars learn to drink wine without ice!

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