Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Blogger is NOT Working!

Yes pips, it's true. I've tried everything and it's not working. The buttons to upload the pictures are missing so I can't post pictures. It's just error on page everytime I refresh or open a new post. And if you haven't noticed my posts are all about the pictures. I don't even blabber that much. So this blog can't continue unless I or some miracle can fix this problem.

On other news, I'm quite alone here in Siem Reap since the Ramos Famille is in Las Islas Filipinas. Loven will be opening an exhibit tomorrow at breathing space at iiideas gallery (ideas shop, 2/f unit 102, first midland office building, gamboa street, legaspi village, 1260 makati city, philippines). Cocktails around 7pm so I hope you pips in Manila could support Loven in there.

Since nobody is home I asked the good pips at my hotel to adopt me for a week. So now I'm staying here. Kinda like a vacation for me also.

Yesterday Loven and Fate called me and they checked out Eairth at Soumak. I've been obsessing about the brand lately and i can't wait to own a piece or two. Asked them to buy me a scarf and a tee. I kindly asked them also to check out Homme et Femme if they stocked the latest Margiela AIDS tee. I collect those and I want to add another one to my lot. Fate told me my friend Rofel sent me a bunch of magazines where my work was featured and I definitely can't wait to check it out. Also, Peer, Michael and Jor-el sent me stuff. A Hussein Chalayan shirt, a Helmut Lang pants, a Dries van Noten top and other branded stuff. Me like! What an early Christmas gift! Or is this the 2007 Christmas gift? Hehehe. I also can't wait to see it. Good thing they know my size and the brands I like. I know, I'm such a brand whore.

Tita Jaki and Tito Butz is coming this May here in Siem Reap. I hope it works fine with my schedule coz I really want to be with them when they are here. I need a break and I usually don't take a break because honestly there's nothing to do. Correction, there are a lot of things to do but it's not fun when your friends are not with you. I won this horse ride at John& Narisa's masquerade party last week and I think I'l be saving those for when they are here.

Let me list the restaurants they should try here:
1. Sugarpalm
2. Meric
3. AHA
4. Ginga
5. Blue Pumpkin
6. the Japanese resto at Sokha Hotel
7. l'Angelo
8. Pho de Paris
9. Mother Guru
10.Angkor Century Lounge
12.Paris Saigon
14.Bubble Tea
15.BBQ Place

There are other nice places to go to but not for eating. Some only for the ambience and drink, others for coffee and desserts.

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