Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ginga dinner

I love Japanese food. I like the pureness of it. I hate complicated food with complicated sauces. I want to see what I'm eating is not some ugly stuff hidden in some gravy or batter. Sushi is basically rice, vegatables and fish rolled in seaweed. Sashimi is just raw fish. Dipped in soy sauce and wasabe, voila, it's your dinner!

So Ginga it is for dinner.

And you can see the fishes used in the sashimi. Nothing to hide there.

Loven got curious about the octopus so he ordered it.

Didn't try the octo sashimi though. Loven said it's like chewing on rubber. We do understand that Japanese food is more about the texture and presentation than taste. You should order Japanese food carefully if you are really hungry since most of the time it could just be a small plate of raw animal.

Loven and Fate

Since I'm really hungry I ordered this unagi bento. Delish! My gosh! The eel was so tender and I felt my cholesterol shooting up after I ate it because it's so fatty.

moi. Well, so much for the diet and exercise when I readily gain back what I lost. And I gained twice as much, oh well, ces't la vie.

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