Friday, April 18, 2008


Checked out some shop in Phnom Penh. Got a few photos since most declined to have their merchandise photographed. Copying is prevalent here in Cambodia. One store would copy another store's look, merchandise and concept. Usually, an expat will start a really cool concept store and a rich local would copy the concept. Ganun.

Went to Collection.

This Nike reminds me of this Balenciaga shoes.

Parang Lego blocks.

Checked out the menswear section and I didn't find much that excited me.

This D&G jacket is okey but not really exciting.

C'N'C by Costume National has this shirt with a curved cut hem. The fabric is nice, sportswear inspired, with the airmesh fabric details. It's okey to buy but I found another cool shirt which I bought eventually.

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