Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ream's stuff

One of the artists I scheduled to show here in the Arts Lounge is Cambodian artist Ream. He studied in Paris so he speaks very little English. I can't speak French or Khmer that much either so we ended up talking by hands, doing some pointing and some hand gestures. He is cool though. I think his work really represent him. There's this tension between tradition and modernity in his work.

His fave colors are the bright ones like this Yves Klein blue. I love Yves Klein blue. Yves Klein is one artist I really admire.

This piece is for a group show that tackles technology. I really admire Ream's work. It comes from a very organic idea that morphs into this totally alien form. The weaving is totally Khmer but the color and material is really Western. That's what I meant of that tension.

Here's a painting of a rhino in Yves Klein blue, again. You see a rather classic rendition of the rhino and then the background is totally off, totally Pop in idea. It's simple yet powerful.

Another rhino painting with shocking orange background.

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