Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rofel's Concert

Well, that concert of my friend Rofel did happen. No amount of sorcery, bribery and force of nature could have prevented it. Heck, even with just one person watching the show Rofel would have still gone on with the concert. Good thing TEN people watched so let's just say it's SRO. Oh, let me remind him that I agreed to promote and do this post about the concert because part of the proceeds will go to charity. Um, I hope you kept your promise.

Here's Rof with some of his 'back-ups' in case people started throwing tomatoes and produce. Medyo kulang lang sa production design yung stage mo. Black and maroon(!?) makes it so 'lamay' look. Plus, the vegetations didn't help at all. It's sayang coz your outfit looks cool. Thank goodness Peer B. made you look human. Err...kinda Tita Fanny Serrano looking though. I know, i know, the lights you used are flood lights so you need heavy make-up but still your face is very 25th Foundation Day thick.

Ayan ha, I posted na. Don't have utang.

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