Monday, April 07, 2008

Angkor Century dinner and then some...

We go to Angkor Century for the delicious Chinese food. For ambiance, you go somewhere else.

In fairview, they had some 'cultural dance shows'. Sa Iloilo I haven't seen native dances being performed in hotels for guests. I don't know if in Manila it's being done. Maybe, some find it 'baduy' or tacky but I think it's so nice that they are proud of showing it to guests. Even in dance clubs here, it's not unusual to have a totally techno set segueing to some traditional dance music and the locals doing their local dance.

Back home I find that we Filipinos are not proud of our culture, of how we do things. Coz, really there are some things that we should be ashamed about but then not everything Pinoy is tacky or baduy, kahit na masa pa ito.

I'm just impressed that Cambodians do things differently even if a lot of people think it is tacky, the same way I think Japanese are cool or the Belgians are so refined or the Swiss are so exacting. I'm asking myself nga, 'Why is it that I think it's cool when a Japanese does something crazy but I find it idiotic when a Pinoy does the same thing.' Hmmm... Am I too Westernized? Colonial mentality kicking in?

Another thing, a lot of my friends are willing to pay lots of money for an imported designer/artist versus a local designer/artist even if they produce the same quality of work. Why?

Cambodian styling. Are you going to call this 'fashion' if Marc Jacobs/ comme des garçons/ Louis Claparols calls this fashion?

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