Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reyum Gallery Opening

Reyum is an art institution that is funded by several art oriented groups from around the world. They try to develop and nurture the growing artists in Cambodia. This latest opening gathered several artists who attended a workshop about contemporary art. The outcome of the workshop is this exhition.

Utensils and metal chair sculpture.

Lots of people cramped in the small gallery

I kinda like it. Our current exhibit by Loven Ramos has exactly the same materials of utensils and ready-made items from the market. What a coincidence.

I was impressed by this photo. It looks like a shot of a nebula or a black hole. It's actually a shot of cooking oil in a pan. A very environmental face but clever. I love it!

It amused me that they served Khmer kakanin/traditional cakes and fruits to guests. Odiva! Very grassroots and cocktail!

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