Saturday, April 19, 2008

Reyum Exhibit 2

Ok, the runnng theme of the exhibit is identity. This piece of folded paper is nice and all but I don't get it how a Naga (mythical snake creature) relates to identity. It's so very Issey Miyake that's why I like it. hehehe

And then you get this painting of a pot or vessel. This one is seriously ugly. And wala din sa identity theme. Hay...

But then you get this traditional portrait, well sort of. It's kinda popular here that type of rendering. The twist is the consumerist take where the dress is filled up with the packaging of a soap brand. Brand+identity.

Pixel drama. Glass shots with colored milk inside. Mother chuva concept. Pwede na.

Di ko na-gets.

But i like the cool pencil shaving media.

This one i like. Very simple pero avant. He made a drawing of Cambodia on the wall. For each province he placed a transitor radio and tuned it to a particular station. What you get is cacophony of sounds. He likens it to what is happening in Cambodia, theres a confusion of what to listen to.

The artist dressed up into certain Cambodian archetypes and had himself photograped in a regular photo shops. The concept is okey but the execution I don't like.

The artist's mother died when he was very young. The only memory he has left of her is 3 photographs. He rendered them in pencil and stacked it together. He said that even though he doesn't know her mother, she is still part of her identity.

The 'blackhole' picture.

But actually it's a shot of cooking oil in a pan. The artist comments on environmental issues, our connection to the stars, our ways and how everything is interelated.

This piece is also nice and well conceptualized. Cracked mirror reflects the video images of Cambodian pop culture. Khmer Rouge propaganda slogans were remixed to Khmer hip-hop music.

The whole set-up. I'm impressed. He totally gets the identity concept.

Nice, a comment on Buddhism. Gold leaf details and installation of those ceremonial bowls. Di ko nagets masyado ang meaning.

This one is wonderful! The video is about the artist showing pictures of their flags and asking them what the flags meant to them. He embroidered flags on the side. Ang ganda, super. I did get his identity concept here. So simple yet so profound.

Winner ang embroidery.

Tracy Emin isdatchu? Hay naku nagpaka-British ang artist na ito. I hate this piece. Kakainis.

Spoon sculpture detail

I also love this piece. The artist photographed through a rolled paper, so the image that you see is partially obscured. It's a collection of everything about her. The artist was the only girl in the group. Basta gets ko sya.


johnnathan said...

How i wish i was there to witness those one of a kind obra maestra of those artists.........some are unusual, others are unique, i appreciate those works.........

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks for dropping by.

yup, i didn't regret attending it. it's nice to see works that can inspire you.