Monday, April 21, 2008

The First KFC in Cambodia

The news of KFC opening here in Phnom Penh was met with much excitement, not by Khmers, but by the Pinoys.

On regular days, lunchtime, it takes an hour to order! That according to my friend who's always there.

Eh bakit kasi dun pa kumakain eh!?

I'm a chicken person before but I surely don't miss it anymore.

And I wouldn't wait an hour just to order that damn chicken noh!

So 9am, KFC store opening, I was outside the door already. Hahahahaha!

I promised my friend Indra that I'll bring KFC.

Their giveaway toys were cute. Didn't get one though, sayang.

We Pinoys love gravy. Heck, my friends go to KFC because they love the gravy there, and because it's gravy-all-you-want. I don't eat chicken anymore but I had to buy a bucket (which they didn't put in a bucket btw but in a carton box) for my friends at the hotel. I was surprised because instead of gravy they put ketchup. And they sell the gravy if you ask for seconds. Ngek!

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