Sunday, July 11, 2010


I always miss Filipino food. Siem Reap has nice restaurants and all but I'm still a Filipino boy by heart and stomach.

UBE ice cream. UBE, UBE, UBE!

Sinigang na Bangus

This friend fish. Wala nyan sa Cambodia, eh.

Vegetable soup. Ok, I can easily make this but in Iloilo you can buy it easily.

Salted eggs with tomatoes and onion. The ones in Cambodia are not that salty.

Swimmer crabs.

Tuna steak fried in oil. The point is it's sooooo cheap!

Nilutik - mashed yellow squash with spinach

It was fiesta buffet for me the whole month of June while I was home.

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blagadag said...

gutom ko duh.