Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More yum!

While I'm making this entry it's raining outside and despite me feeling a bit poetic after reading some excellent stories by Mario, I can't help but feel dreary because of a nagging headache I'm nursing from my usual sinus infection. It does help a bit that I'm looking at pictures of delish foods I had in Iloilo from my last trip.

Dory fidh in creamy sauce and capers. My friend Miguel's wonderful fish entree at Afrique's.

Seafood Pasta at Afrique's. We used to eat this almost everyday, me and my friend Mike. I miss those times.

Crab Mentality salad, also from Afrique's.

At Tita Jaki's house I had this wonderful Rice with Squid Ink.

And it goes perfect with, what else, Squid Adobo!

I love vegetables and we Ilonggos love our veggies in laswa style or stewed (tama ba ako Tito Eugene? I'm not sure eh). This version combines lupo (spinach) with monggo.

Of course, a staple in Filipino table is Bijon Guisado.

I also love eating brown rice which is much healthier because of the fiber content.

Pinakbet. Hmmmm...yum!

And Century Tuna Bangus! I wish Lucky Mall would carry this. They have Lego Sardines, Payless (I don't eat) and Safari, already.

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