Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bo Parcon and Drape-y Top

Another one of my designer purchases was this Bo Parcon plaid sleeveless suit set.

When closed it looks like this. I paired with my DP 'Lyka' tee from f/w 2008.

I actually prefer wearing it with a sleeveless tank to emphasize the sleeveless-ness of it but some establishments in Iloilo wouldn't let guys in without sleeves. Yeah, I know, totally weird, non? It doesn't matter if you're wearing Junya Watanabe or Comme des Garcons or designer stuff. It's a hassle to argue.

The fit is so nice one me and I like that the top is tailored to perfection. Can't wait to wear it again.

This tank top is a lucky find and it's brandless.

Got this from the ukay for 100pesos and it's like some sort of two tanks fused together.

There's several ways to wear it and you know me I LOVE intellectual, transforming stuff. Very Comme des Garcons ;)

I paired it with corduroy pants from Marithe&Francois Girbaud which Tita Jaki gave me (Actually, I forced her to give it to me bwahahaha!).

And this Nike Air Rift was given to me by Tito Butz. I've been meaning to buy another pair since the white one I have is so old already. I saw one in Manila but they didn't have a size for me. It was black pa which I adore. Boooo! Maybe next time I'll be lucky.


inkarlcerating said...

don.. ang payat mo na! pedeng ikaw na magmodel sa rtw line mo hehe. swear
kainggit .. i love the top! hehe

toxic disco boy said...

the transforming top looks nice. bet ko rin mga ganyan. nabago bago.

onga don. pumayat ka. or dahil ba yan sa magic ni bo parcon? ganda.

t said...

I like you. Your blog shows that you are like way talented and fabulous and totally fuchsia.