Friday, July 09, 2010

Lunch w JJ

In Bacolod, before going back to Iloilo, we had lunch at 21 generously hosted by good friend JJ. I heard good things about this restaurant so I'm excited to see what the hype was all about.

The ambiance was relaxing and the whole concept was sorta 'coming into the home of a sugar baron' or something like that. I like the pendant lighting at the back. I thought the waiters were a bit snooty, though.

The hostess with the mostest, JJ and moi. We had to meet up because he wanted me to design a suit for him. Mayaman! He can afford a DP suit ;)

The buko juice with shavings was delish. A tad big shavings for my liking but it was ok.

Bo had this Bangus Belly steak and it was good. I had a taste, hehehe.

I had this Grilled Tuna Belly on top of this Salted Fish Rice. I wasn't too happy about it. I think it's overpriced and there was nothing in the fish that didn't taste like charcoal. I guess, it was overcooked.

JJ had this Dory fish fillet thingy and I liked it much better. I should have ordered it instead of the tuna.

Near 21 is this ukayan, Joe Sea's (naks!), selling bags and shoes. I had to check it out, right?!

It was packed to the brim with all sorts of bags.

I'm a die hard thrifter but I will not die for it. It was soooo cramped and full of stuff I'm just waiting for the piles of bag to avalanche on everyone.

I went out empty handed and I wasn't really keen on looking in the pile. I didn't feel the right energy for it.


Jogels said...

omg! Greatness gracious mother of pearls!! dON IS THAT CHU?? GOSH LAST KO NA KITA SA IMO SA ILOILO pa, year 2000? Retro party sa VEGA? tapos best in walk like a catwoman ka pa sadto outside CPU omg a decade ago!!? you dont know me but my cuzin from U.P kilala ya kaw vengalore!

toxic disco boy said...

i know what you mean. pag maxado masikip deadma na. haha.

mel beckham said...

Joe Sea??? Hahaha! Eye love.

justin john jordan said...

i miss u don... we have to catch up sometime. i am trying to book for BKK alone... :-) i wish i could stay in your place when i get to siem.