Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Noriega Hoodie Wrap

One of the pieces I got from the f/w 2010 collection of Norman Noriega is this hoddie wrap thingy. It feels so soft and yummy on the skin!

I was so lucky because I got first dibs on his collection and reserved the pieces I liked even before the actual fashion show. Bwahahahahaha! (cue lightning and thunder). Honestly, he's one of the few Filipino designers I like wearing. I paired it with a tank from Folded&Hung, DP pants and canvas tabi boots.

I went thrifting with my friend Mike.

I used this Muji tote that Kiks gave me.

And this skull necklace is from Bo that I nicked from him. Hahaha!


inkarlcerating said...

hangandhaaa ng noriega top! =p

toxic disco boy said...

hoy don! binili mo na ata lahat ng stuff ni norman! hahaha.