Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lovely Finds

I seriously lost count how many pieces of clothing I got from the thriftshop from this recent 'adventure' back in Iloilo. Tita Jaki, my gracious host in the city, was so shocked to find her guestroom filled with all sorts of clothing and this was only in my second week there. It's also compounded, and let me just state here that this is so far from a complain, by having two minions (alas, there's more of them but the two are near obsessive as I am) by the name of Mike and Mike who supply me with finds. Isn't it a coincidence they both share a similar nom de guerre? Let me share with you some pieces I find quite irresistible:

The Chemistry drape-y top came from Mike S. (Iloilo). I tend to wear it upside down but it's quite versatile as a sort of vestiges especially if you're a fan of a less structured look like we are.

This Marc by Marc Jacobs was a find in the closet of my friend Bo. He's got lots of ukay, too, but they tend to be more cling-y for my taste. Ah, but when I saw this noir tee with Mr. Marc on I simply can't let it go, and Bo didn't have a choice. Hahahaha!

This PLAY Comme des Garcons came from Bo, too. While we were in Cebu he stole my Dior Homme hooded singlet so I bargained that he give me this piece as an exchange. This design is still being sold in the CDG store in Bangkok.

I haven't worn this yet but I'm excited to wear this Comme des Garcons tee from Mike S.

I know it was hard for Mike M., Toxicdiscoboy, to let go of this piece because he's a big Comme des Garcons fan himself. I had to exchange it with another CDG piece for him to reluctantly agree. For that I'm loving this piece. This polkadotted number came from the CDG x H&M collab line.

This find was from my last, last visit to Cebu and I got this Yohji Yamamoto coat for only P50! Ah, the things you find in the thriftshop, non? It was hanging on the wall and when I saw it I was sure, 101% sure, that it was a Yamamoto. Imagine my delight when the salesgirl told me, in a bored tone, the price.

There's still a lot more from where this came from and I'll be sharing them to you bits and pieces along the way.

Have you thrifted lately? What were your finds? Or, you don't enjoy thrifting at all? It would be nice to read your thoughts on this. ;)


elizar33 said...

lucky you!

nice coat, btw...

kiel estrella said...

naiingit ako. pwede bang tips on how to do thrift shops and ukay?

dylzie said...

oh gosh the last time I visited ukay was like 3 years agow!?! I like doing the ukay I used to tell my mom that she's the patron saint of UkayUkay but now that I saw ur posts OMG lasak ang iloy ko! when I was still a virgin little girl I start ukay on sundays at 6am till 12:30 walang kain walang tigil sa kakahalungakat... my fave the 5peso thick sweatshirts. why? because I make tastas the thing and ganchilyo it again I have dozens of yarns na hahahaha