Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ukay in Bacolod

You know me and ukay (thriftshops), we just find ways to bump into each other and my, my, I was pleasantly surprised because maybe 10 steps away from where I stayed in Bacolod was Big Jim's announcing it's thrifting glory. Was I excited or what?

I reckoned it needed a whole day to leisurely scour through the whole pile at Big Jim's but the collector instinct in moi kicked in and I decided to breeze through the knits and heavy jackets simply because it would be impractical for me to bring back here in Siem Reap and I don't foresee weather getting cold any time soon. I focused my eagle eye on the shirts and dresses instead. In the end I did comb the whole rack of clothes in there (took me 4 to 5 hours I think) and it rewarded me lots of finds. I edited my loot to the pieces below because I chucked most of the jackets (lots of Japanese and knits but was far too heavy to bring) :

This tee is so comfy. And I love the graphic print on the striped fabric. Very Ann Demeulemeester, non?

I haven't really heard of this brand but I just like how it's made.

This tee reminds me of Dior Homme.

I'm familiar with this label. It's one of those cult brands from Japan that boggles you with the pricetag it commands. Anyhow, totally in tune with Hedi Slimane's reductionist slash rock 'n roll infused aesthetic, Lad Musician's designer, Yuichi Kuroda, churns out slim cut tees, jackets and the narrowest of pants for those 'who want to imitate The Strokes or any guy who is taller than the average Japanese man' (in one press release).

Another Japanese cult brand I found is Ato, in a collabrative piece with Uniqlo.

The brand started off as a menswear line but have added womenswear since 2003. It was founded in 1993 by Ato Matsumoto. It's quite popular with Jpop stars and that's how I first encountered the brand.

A fave in my loot is this snake print top. Very Rick Owens, non? It's a little bit asymmetrically cut and the cotton used is soooo thin that's why it's super comfy. I've been using it non-stop.

Another lucky find is this Pleats Please Issey Miyake dress.

It's around $500 brand new of a similar style the last time I checked in their Bangkok store. I love the genius of Issey Miyake with this line and I appreciate how it's so simple yet so forward at the same time. It's one of those labels that I just collect for inspiration. I have quite a few already so maybe I'll make a post about it next time.

And the last piece I found is this Comme des Garcons number.

I think I gave it to Toxic because he would appreciate it more than me. I did promise to find him CDG in the ukay as long as he finds me Helmut Lang, too. Hehehe!

Here's a few I didn't buy:

A Vivienne Westwood knit top

A Paul Smith ladies shirt

My friend Jor-el got these pieces:

a wrinkled Kawaii jacket ala Pleats Please

and this 'vintage cool' bag.

I'm excited to go back in Bacolod for more ukay finds. So what do you think of my loots?

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toxic disco boy said...

nakakaloka! naman! will gow ukay bukas. nainggit ako. hahaha