Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oyster House

Do you love oysters? Well, I do and it was perfect timing that my good friend, Tita Glenda, opened her newest resto called Oyster Bar near Villa Plaza in Arevalo. She treated us for lunch and it was sooooo delish!

The set-up is unlike those regular bahaykubo types. I appreciate the casual yet sleek atmosphere of the place.

They served several versions of the oysters. You can have it steamed (like the first pics) or baked with butter and garlic. This is my fave version.

They also have oyster in batter and deep fried with mayo dip.

We had kinilaw.

And diwal or Angelwings shell. So succulent and sweet taste.

They also have grilled catfish and kalampay, grilled native chicken, binakol na manok with fresh coconut, etc. So many seafoods and other stuff to eat.

It's so Pinoy to have fruit salad as dessert.


Tita Glenda, Tita Jaki, and Marlon.

Sir and Bo

I got this safety pin necklace from Human and customized it with a skull pendant I got from Bo.

Here I'm wearing another Norman Noriega creation from his f/w 10 collection.

I love the dramatic back. It's soooo comfy to wear. I paired it with an Issey Miyake pants, Muji bag and my trusty tabi boots.


toxic disco boy said...

i love the norman noriega!!!! winner teh

Anonymous said...

Don ikaw na lang muse ko! hahhahaha