Friday, July 30, 2010

Recent HL finds

I obsessively collect Helmut Lang pieces from the thriftshop and the gracious kindness of my good friends who encourage my insanity. If I had the money I would buy pieces from eBay and seriously pump up my modest archive. Alas, I'm not at that point yet (seriously making plans to be at that position hahahaha!) but I'm still quite happy with the pieces I add whenever I go home. Here's some:

I seriously LOVE this piece. It's very HL, the strappy windbreaker in traffic orange. I'm sooooo happy when I got this.

This denim piece was produced 1997. Older HL labels have dates especially during the early to mid Melanie Ward years (her stylist/collaborator/muse).

This was given by Karl and it's from 1998

The HL underwear line was produced mainly in Japan and it was a cult hit when it came out. This piece is a fine example in red when it was unheard of to have underwear in strong colors. Helmut has a subversive streak.

This military green cotton twill pants is from the Prada years when the labels changed and they eliminated the collection dates.

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