Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Stuff

Like my quiff? Or a pseudo one at that, lol! I was bored to death with my hair so I decided to style it like that since I didn't want to have a haircut yet. I wanted my hair to grow longer to achieve this style I'm envisioning next. I must say it's quite fun to have a quiff although it takes mounds of gel to get it right and to make it curl like that.

I passed by Folded&Hung because Kawadjan wanted me to buy him some colored polo shirts. And what size you may ask? Well, I'm bound by contract not to reveal ;) Anyhoot, while waiting for the SA to find the colors I wanted, I gingerly browsed their wares not expecting to find anything I like. The not expecting part sure was proven wrong because I went out of there with 3 purchases of my own. I'm wearing 2 of the thin cotton tanks I got. The other one is black. It's so cool to wear even if I layered it because it's a little bit too sheer.

One style has a little pocket and the other one a classic tank but with a higher armhole cut than most singlet I find in the underwear section. I paired it with my DP black pants, black tabi shoes and Jeremy Scott x Longchamp bag.

I was so enamored with the chocolate cream cake at Carlo's that Tita Jaki treated the gang and bought a whole piece for us.

Jor-el was carrying this bag and it's just so lovely, non? I like the patina of the leather and how it aged.

I've also been addicted to this dish composed of shrimps and spinach in coconut cream.

Paired with bittergourd (ampalaya) and pineapple enchalada and I'm a happy camper.

And boneless bangus, of course ;)

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toxic disco boy said...

hahahaha. xs ba si kawadjan? chos. cute nung hair and you look dapper esp sa 2nd photo.

there are some nice stuff at f&h. i like their basics. my fave shirt is a gray cotton tee from them.